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Extra Large Traditional DIY Lantern Kit

Extra Large Traditional DIY Lantern Kit

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This Extra Large Do It Yourself Kit is a kid friendly fun family activity intended to bring back your childhood memories and re-create them with your young ones. This Jumbo sized paper lantern is 3 feet feet tall in beautiful golden border designs. Translucent traditional art paper (NOT glossy) with intricate color designs.

This lantern is available in 5 variations.

Diwali lantern also known as "Aakasha Deepa" (lantern of the sky) in Sanskrit, is hung in front of homes during the festival of lights to invite and guide the positive energies and ancestral sprits back to homes during the festival.

This traditional aakash deep is in Ashtkoni (Ocatgonal) shape like a Kuber (God of Wealth) yantra.

This makes an excellent gift or return gift! ... or as fun family activity with a beautiful product to display and kids to be proud of! Assembly time 1 hour.

Kit Includes all required materials EXCEPT GLUE (due to shipping regulations)

Fully Assembled lanterns are not eligible for shipping and must be picked up from Frisco, TX.

Not Included - Electrical wires, sockets, plugs and the recommended 2 Watts LED bulb


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